Platform for delivery and pick-up of online orders
through retail chains

What we do
Retail chains
We provide additional traffic
Internet shops
Cheapest way to deliver your orders and conversion growth
Cheapest way to get your internet order with largest chain or pick-up points including shops next door, drugstores and gas stations
How it works
Buyer of the internet shop choses location nearby for his order to be delivered and stored
It can be one of over 10.000 shops, drugstores, gas stations that are connected to the platform
Order is delivered to chosen location
Delivery is made using retail chain logistics and warehouses. Platform generates bar codes for parcel to be processed automatically
Buyer receives his order from the cashier of nearby shop, drug store or gas station
By lowest price of delivery available on the market as retail chains earn mostly on traffic

What kind of items can be delivered?
Our retail partners work with different kinds of goods: books, apparel for kids and adults, electronics.

Even food, natural cosmetics and dietary supplements that require temperature conditions during transportation and storage can be sent and picked up at our retail partners. This is a unique offer that no other self-service lockers' company has.
How much does it cost?
The cost of one delivery starts from 1 US dollar depending on the retail chain that delivers it to the client and the region.

Delivery is possible in 15 regions in Russia. And we'll soon expand to US market

All you have to know about us - we are the cheapest solution of last mile problem.
Is the payment upon receipt possible?
At the moment we proceed only prepaid orders but in the near future there will be two possibilities:

1. Payment upon receipt through our app

2. Payment upon receipt at the retail cashier

Are there any weight and size limitations?
Before integrating any retail chain in our platform we collect information about the retail storage capacity and temperature regimes available. Warehouses and cashier area space are counted

The platform calculates the space available and the maximum number of orders that can be transferred through the retail chain.
What's the delivery time?
The delivery period depends on the retail chain logistics

In Moscow and Saint-Petersburg there are many retail chains that can do delivery on the next day already

The parcels that are delivered directly to the retail store bypassing the distribution center can be picked up by the client the same day
How the delivery is done?
Online store delivers parcels to the distribution center of the retail chain either itself or with our help

Further logistics and delivery is done by the retail chain.

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